Trying a little Romeo and Juliet …

… and struggling before I’ve even got started.

Unfortunately I’ve not been blessed with long, slim and strong fingers which I guess would be the ideal guitar playing.  Instead I’ve got little hands with stumpy fingers; these fingers are becoming a proper pain in the arse!

I’ve been a Dire Straits fan for as long as I can remember thanks to my dad.  Blimey, he did love to sit in front of his stereo and flap his slipper on the end of his foot to their music.  This is a habit that I seem to have picked up now he is no longer with us.

One of my favourite tracks is Romeo and Juliet.  I love the tempo, the sounds of the dobro guitar; it’s an easy song to get lost in.  My sister and I chose it as the track of reflection at his funeral and I recall thinking at that time that I must learn to play it.  10 years down the road and not a lot of practice later I’ve decided it’s time.  Acoustic in hand and tuned to Open G I signed up to 6 months of Lick Library membership to give this, and a few other songs a go.  Unfortunately my hands aren’t on my side right now!

The opening chord is a barre and I just can’t get it right!  My third finger keeps deadening the string below it and no matter how much I adjust I just can’t get it right.   On top of that it all gets a little uncomfortable after a few moments of trying to twist myself around the chord and my thumb starts to hurt.   I’m guessing a little practice often may be the key.

…here’s the master making it look easy back in ’96.

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  1. That’s one I haven’t learnt. I’m wary of alternative tunings generally, although I have used drop D for a few things. I just have enough issues with standard tuning. Hope you can make some progress

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